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“A circle of women may just bethe most powerful force known to humanity.If you have one, embrace it.If you need one, seek it.If you find one, for the love of allthat is good and holy, dive in.Hold on. Love it up. Let your reluctant tears fall.Let yourself rise fiercely and love gently.You will be changed.The very fabric of your beingwill be altered by this, if you allow it.Please, please allow it.”~ Jeanette LeBlanc
There are healing keys within the female body. Women’s circles are Love-healing-filled moments; deep listening with no agenda, hugs and nourishing touch, feeling seen, met and accepted just as we are, and a sense of kinship. Stepping into consciousness together as women can be one of the most powerful acts of transformation for ourselves and those around us. Alone we can be astonishing. Together we will be unstoppable.

 I experienced my first women circle ceremony at the end of June 2021, when the 2nd wave of pandemic was hitting Muscat. Dina, who is a coach and wellness therapist in Muscat, chose to start her first women’s ceremony during this period of anxiety and tremendous fear. She set up a small group of women, who came for the same purpose : sharing the intention of healing together. We then focused on  some Qigong movements to reconnect with our feminine power.
I undoubtedly felt energized after an hour and half of energy cleansing but more importantly, I realized that we were at the verge of creating a sisterhood community that would never stop growing. It was an intense moment of sharing, non judgment and compassion. Every woman could drop her heavy luggage of fears, negative emotions, and sadness, but at the same time, we felt encouraged to pursue our dreams and purpose.  It was more than a gathering ! It was a holy moment of self empowerment and transmission. I am ever grateful to have experienced a group healing community. (Shaznane)

Dina is setting up a monthly “women circle event” in Muscat. If you wish to attend or contribute to the monthly ceremony, we invite you to email us or to message Dina through her instagram page  @wellnessdina.

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Last modified: 28/07/2021