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We have been invited to visit one of the first “regenerative organic farming” in Oman, called Lizq oasis Farm, owned by Bernadette and her husband Redha. They have fallen into farming accidentally as they were just looking for land to build a small house for their weekend get-away retreat. They got a virgin plot in Sharqiya that looks like a savanna. 
They had to educate themselves and explore what would grow in this hostile land. 
They started growing Moringa, lemongrass, aloe vera, and date palm trees, choosing to not use any pesticide, not chemical at all. 
The essence of regenerative organic farming or permaculture is to build healthy soils, using compost and plants that preserve biodiversity around. It’s a symbiosis between animals and nature. 
Regenerative organic farming goes beyond sustainable, it steadily improves the health of earth and everything that lives on it, including us. 
What have I learnt from this discovery : know your farmer, and rely on what is available next to you, as much as you can. In Oman, It’s hard to have access to a diversity of local products, but let’s support the existing initiatives around us. 
To know more about Bernadette’s and REda’s farm, watch our interview on youtube and on our instagram platform. You can reach out to her through her instagram page @lizqoasisfarm
For those who live in Oman, they can order Bernadette’s organic powders  and vegetables through Talabat, Azooz or simply go to “GO GREEN” shop. 
We must support these local initiatives.

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Last modified: 14/07/2021