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This weekend we discovered the true essence of Oman – So unimaginable, so magical and preserved. 

It was one of the most memorable experiences since we lived in Oman, not only because of the spectacular nature we were in, but mainly because it was a “mindful hiking”. 

We were in the fairytale-like village of Bilad Sayt, located in one of the highest peak mountains in Oman, Jebel Shams. We can only access it by off-road.

Near the village is the Snake Canyon, a huge water park – An impressive sanctuary where we can swim and taste the spring water. 

What made our experience unique was Naura, an Algerian French guide, who spent 15 years trekking with tourists in the desert of Algeria, Jordan and now Oman.

She taught us the “meditative walk” – How to be consciously connected to our senses and synchronise our breath with our steps. 

That was mind-blowing. We could walk for hours without feeling tired. And we had this intense awareness of being alive, rejuvenated. 

We are so used to trekking and camping in nature, but we are never fully aware of the details around us, we end up missing the beauty of the present moment. But the moment we coordinate our breath to our walk, we suddenly become silent and absorbed with ourselves. 

Naura told us to breathe in for two steps, and breathe out for two steps with the nose. This breathing method is called cardiac coherence. It is commonly used  to regulate our emotions and relax. But during the walk, this breathing enabled us to enter a deep meditative state. We felt connected to our inner senses and at the same time to the smell and the chant of the mountain. 
We ended the adventure with the African yoga , a mix of Hata yoga and Tai Chi. We will dedicate a special post to it. 

Why did we want to share this adventure ? We all love escaping in nature, but when we do it with a guide who awakens us to the world of nature, it turns the experience into a spiritual adventure. 
We could experience, for the first time, what a deep connection with nature means. We left exhausted but lighter and energized. The mountain of Bilad Sayt has fed us with all its love. 

If you want to experience this “wellness hiking” in Oman, you can message Naura through her instagram @nauratrekking”.

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Last modified: 17/08/2021