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Joanna’s life is the kind of story that would convince anyone to devote entirely to yoga. The nourishment that she received from yoga goes far beyond the body postures on a yoga mat.

She had a normal life.She  worked as an engineer, busy evolving in the corporate world.But in this process, she was not paying attention to herself. She was tired, depressed, with panic attacks and anxiety.But what changed her path was a sudden breast cancer. It was as if life was sending her a final sign to get into her mission and true purpose. Everything changed from there. One of her best friends offered to join a yoga class. The transformation was then overwhelming.The change started with her body, then her mind. then her yoga practice became a spiritual journey.  She finally was able to lead her life with an intention. She found her true purpose and through her teachings, she looks at others as if it was herself, with deep compassion and love. 
The most powerful thing she has learnt is that : we can’t ask other people to take responsibility for our life. The power is within us, we are immensely powerful. Therefore we have the ability to create a new reality. How ? The first step is : have the courage to observe and recognize everything that is limiting you and affecting you : your relationship, your work, your thoughts. Anything that is not serving you.

I experienced Yoga with Joanna, and I can tell that she is very connected to the way we feel as students. She will change the entire class to be in tune with what we need. The purpose of her teaching is to read you. She will feel even the smallest sadness or fear you have. 

Her place, House of CHi is a home where we come with our emotional luggage and drop them. We are now able to be whoever we are, with no judgment. We don’t come to her class to perform, but to clean our heaviness. 
Joanna is this “spiritual warrior” that will help you to face the challenges of life with the weapon of wisdom and clarity, through her practice. , 

Joanna is the founder of @myhouseofchi, based in Muscat City. 

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Last modified: 12/07/2021