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I discovered Qi gong for the first time, a few months ago, while I was going through a personal trial. I was physically and mentally in pain and exhausted. I randomly came across a French girl on youtube explaining how Qi gong had heal her Lyme  disease and hyperthyroidie (here is her youtube channel for those who speak French (https://qigong-attitude.com) . I was mind blown !

How can slow movements help your body and soul heal you ?  
Life is so full of love, that it knows what is best for you ! Few weeks later, I met Dina, who is a therapist and Qi gong master in Muscat – That’s how I started practicing it weekly, and then daily. From 5 min to 15 min every day. I surrender to my body and let it choose the movements that it needs to balance my flows and energy. It’s like a deep cleansing – 
When you are fully conscious of your movements, and your breathing, you are able to pay attention to the stagnation of your energy flows and emotions. 

What are the main changes that I have witnessed after weeks of daily practice? 

  • I don’t suffer anymore from night wake-ups. I can get into a very peaceful sleep, as if my thoughts were cleared up. 
  • I feel more grounded and aware during the day, as if I could channel my energy to be more performant. 
  • I am definitely more connected to the sensation of my body. I am able to listen to it more carefully, and intensely. 
  • The most interesting improvement has been that I am able to enter a meditative state while moving. 

I have started Qi gong with Dina (@wellness.dina) who holds classes, on live by the beach (it is temporarily stopped during hot season ) and online through her wellness club (@yourwellnessclub). It’s an excellent way to start for those who want to try Qi gong. I took a subscription for an entire month. It is 35 omr, for 8 qigong lessons (Sunday and wednesday). And if you want to try one time,  the lesson will be at 5 omr. You can directly message Dina, to attend her classes. 

Would you like to know more about this practice ? 

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Last modified: 28/07/2021